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Understanding the Causes and Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

One of the most commonly reported sexual problems among men is erectile dysfunction (ED). It has been estimated that there might be as many as 30 million men affected. That equates to one in every ten adult males who suffer from ED on a long term basis.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is actually the inability to get as well as keep a strong erection which is enough for sexual activity. According to estimates, one in every ten men will get ED sometime in their lives. It is very important to realize that, in most conditions, erectile dysfunction is actually a symptom of a bigger underlying condition. ED is not regarded as common at any age as well as may be combined with other issues. These can hamper sexual intercourse, like lack of desire, orgasm as well as ejaculation issues.

How prevalent is erectile dysfunction?

Roughly one in 10 adult males actually suffer from erectile dysfunction on a long-term basis. Many men do suffer from erection dysfunction on occasion. The reasons for this can be for a number of reasons, including excessive alcohol consumption, stress, relationship issues, or fatigue.

In most cases, treatment is unnecessary if you’re having trouble getting an erection which is less than 20% of the time. However, failure to gain an erection in excess of 50% of the time usually indicates that there is an issue and you need treatment. ED is not a part of aging. While some elderly men may require extra stimulation, they should be able to obtain an erection as well as enjoy intercourse.

What are the causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

A variety of causes can contribute to ED, including heart disease and hypertension. Other causes are, amongst others, neurological problems, psychological issues, and trauma. Chronic illness, specific medications as well as a condition known as Peyronie’s disease can also contribute to ED. Prostate, colon cancer, and bladder operations may also be significant causes.

Procedures for diagnosing and treatments

Because there are several causes of ED, your doctor should perform a range of tests to diagnose the condition and establish its cause. You can adequately treat erectile dysfunction (ED) only after determining the cause.

Before ordering any type of tests, it’s very natural that your doctor will look at your medical history. They will also do a full physical exam. In addition, the doctor will “interview” you about your personal and sexual history.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

The type of medical professional who treats ED depends on what is causing the problem. You may be directed to a urologist who may help with non-surgical methods like suction devices or injections, and surgical treatment choices for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. If necessary, your doctor may send you to a psychologist who is an expert in sexual dysfunction.


Based on your medical history, that of your family, and your present state of health, your doctor might recommend oral medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Medications such as Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Sildenafil, and Avanafil. At British Chemist, we stock a variety of these medications to help you treat erectile dysfunction.

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