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Our Sexual Health Services


Welcome to British Chemist, a sexual health clinic in Kingsbury, London. As part of our service we offer sexual health services, we offer asymptomatic STD Testing and full STI screening in a quick, discreet and professional way with greater focus on your comfort and safety. As a part of our sexual health service, we also provide treatment for infections, to support you and maintain your ongoing sexual health wellbeing.

Sexual Health screening may involve a urine, blood test or swabs. Consultations are available with one of our specialist clinicians. A full sexual health assessment will be performed at the time of the appointment. We also offer at home STD test.

Why choose us for sexual health testing

  • Same Day appointments
  • Discrete service (do not need to use your real name)
  • Fastest Screens without the need for swabs
  • Early STD screen including HIV from 10 days post contact
  • Female and Male HPV testing
  • Referral into primary or secondary care health services of your choice
  • Fast results. Depending on the test you choose, results start to come back the same day your samples are received in the laboratory.
  • Our team is non-judgmental. There is no need to be embarassed.
  • All tests performed in CPA Accredited laboratories.


Sexual Health Blood Tests

HIV Blood Test = £75

Sexual Health Urine/PCR Tests

7 STI Profile by PCR (7 tests from 1 Sample) = £175

Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (Urine) = £60


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