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Vicks Vapodrops Sugar-Free (Differing Flavours)



These Vicks Vapodrops are a form of relief for a sore throat and a blocked nose.


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What are Vicks Vapodrops Sugar-Free?

These Vicks Vapodrops are a form of relief for a sore throat and a blocked nose. These lozenges contain the ingredients eucalyptus,  lemon and menthol or menthol which help to cool and soothe a sore throat and irritated. These ingredients also work to make breathing easier.

What causes a sore throat?

A sore throat can be caused by an infection, such as a cold or the flu but can also be caused by an allergy, as well as conditions such as laryngitis (inflammation of the voice box) and tonsillitis. Heartburn and acid reflux is also a cause of a sore throat, as is smoking.

Who are these Vicks lozenges suitable for?

These lozenges are suitable to be used by adults and children who are able to use without potentially choking on the lozenge. For advice on this, speak to a doctor. It should not be used if you are allergic to the ingredients contained in the lozenges. Speak to a doctor or our pharmacist if any of the following applies to you:

  • Have a mucus cough
  • Have a cough caused by smoking
  • A sore throat with a fever, a headache, swelling, skin rash, nausea, or vomiting
  • Are diabetic

If you are using any other form of medication, seek advice before using.


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Uses / Instructions

Use a lozenge as and when.

Do not swallow, allow the lozenge to dissolve in the mouth.

Use a new one every 2 hours, or when you need to use one.

For a severe sore throat, if symptoms have not improved after 2 days, speak to a doctor or our pharmacist.

Also, if you have a cough, do not use for more than 7 days unless you have consulted a doctor or our pharmacist.


  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Excessive consumption may induce laxative effects.

Side Effects

There may be side effects as a result of an allergic reaction, including itching skin and skin rashes.

See packaging for more details.


Vicks Vapodrops Eucalyptus contains:

Sweeteners (Isomalt, Xylitol, Acesulfame K), Menthol (0.3%), Eucalyptus Oil (0.15%).

Vicks Vapodrops Lemon & Menthol contains:

Sweeteners (Isomalt, Acesulfame K, Sucralose), Acid: Citric Acid, Lemon Juice Concentrate (0.6%), Natural Flavouring, Natural Flavouring Substance Menthol from Mint (0.06%), Colour: Beta-Carotene

Vicks Vapodrops Menthol contains:

Sweeteners (Isomalt, Xylitol, Acesulfame K), Natural Mint Flavouring (0.2%), Menthol (0.2%), Colours: Patent Blue V and Indigotine.


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