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Headlice detector comb (Nit comb)

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The use of Nitrid head lice detection comb is an important first step in the management of head lice and should be used before any treatment commences. Head lice are small insects with 6 legs and no wings.
One of the symptoms of infestations is itching of the scalp, this only occurs when the scalp is sensitised to bites, which can take as long as 3 months.

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Pack of 1

Uses / Instructions

Use the Nitrid detector comb by combing locks of hair from the root to the ends. When using the comb it is possible that you will see tiny brown eggs or white shells (nits) attached to the hair close to the scalp. On occasions you may notice lice moving through the hair.

After combing from root to end check the comb for the presence of lice on the comb. Ensure the comb is clear of any lice or eggs before each combing. The head lice can be removed from the detector comb by washing or wiping.

Repeat the above procedure until all of the hair has been combed. Pay particular attention around the nape of the neck, behind the ears and around the fringe.

If lice are detected further actions is necessary. Purchase Nitrid headlice treatment and use in accordance with the instructions to eradicate headlice and prevent further infestations.


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