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Bazuka Sub Zero



Bazuka Sub-Zero starts working from the first application and works by freezing warts and verrucas to the core. Based on the cryotherapy method used by doctors, it’s fast to use, and effective.

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Bazuka Sub-Zero Freeze Treatment works by freezing stubborn verrucas and warts to the core which will help loosen up the entire thing quickly and easily- It should then fall off in approximately 10 days’ time, to leave the skin underneath feeling clean and smooth.

This freezing method is based on the cryotherapy method used by medical professionals and is proven to be highly effective. Banish your verruca today with Bazuka!

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Uses / Instructions

Adults and children aged over 4 years: Assemble device according to instructions given. Use safety cap to ‘charge’ foam applicator with the freezing agent. Gently apply freezer to wart or verruca for only a matter of seconds.

For more details see the patient information leaflet.


Do not use Bazuka Sub-Zero:

• on children under the age of 4 years;
• if you are pregnant or breast-feeding;
• if you have diabetes or suffer from poor blood circulation to your hands or feet;
• anywhere on or near your face, armpits, breasts, bottom or genital (sex) area;
• on birthmarks, moles, warts with hairs growing from them, or any other spots;
• on areas where your skin is sensitive, damaged, cut, grazed, diseased or itchy; or
• at the same time as any other wart or verruca treatment.

Take special care when using this product:

• If you are unsure whether you have a wart or verruca, or whether it is located at a site that is suitable for treatment with Bazuka Sub-Zero, ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before using this product.

• If you have lots of warts or verrucas that are close together, do not freeze them all at once.
• If you need to freeze a wart or verruca more than once, allow an interval of 2 weeks, and do not freeze the same one more than 3 times in total.
• It is very important that you use this product cautiously, applying it with steady, gentle pressure only to the wart or verruca, and only for the contact time determined from the table in Section 3, otherwise it will cause too much freezing that will be unnecessarily painful, and may lead to permanent injury such as scarring and/or underlying nerve or tendon damage.
• It is very important that you assemble the device properly and ‘charge’ the special foam applicator
• Once ‘charged’ with freezing agent, do not allow the foam applicator to come into contact with anything except the wart or verruca you intend to freeze.
• Use each foam applicator only once. Never re-use them because this could spread the wart virus which is contagious.
• Avoid spillage, and do not try to discharge the freezing contents of the aerosol can without using the dome-shaped safety cap, as this may cause injury, and damage your possessions.
• The freezing agent is volatile and extremely flammable. Use the product only in well ventilated areas and well away from flames or ignition sources (e.g. burning cigarettes or anything else that might ignite it). Do not inhale vapour.

Side Effects

• As with all freezing methods of wart and verruca removal, treatment will be associated with the pain and/or discomfort and changes in skin appearance
• If used incorrectly, without following these instructions carefully, excessive freezing can cause permanent injury such as skin scarring or even damage to underlying nerves and tendons.
• If you spill the freezing agent on your clothes, fabrics, jewellery or metal and polished surfaces it may damage them permanently.
• Stop using this product and tell your doctor, nurse or pharmacist if:
• you experience unacceptable pain and/or discomfort or if irritation persists, or;
• any of the side effects get serious, or you notice any other side effects not mentioned in this leaflet.

For a full list see the patient information leaflet


What freezing agent Bazuka Sub-Zero contains:

The freezing agent is a liquified mixture of Dimethyl ether and Liquid Propane Gas.


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