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Low Carb® Crispbread – Sunflower & Sea salt



A crispy bread for the carb conscious, filled with delicious seeds and fiber and only 5g carbs!


A crispy bread for the carb conscious, filled with delicious seeds and fiber and only 5g carbs!

CarbZone’s Low Carb® Crispbread is an excellent source of protein and fiber and has a rich, toasted flavor with a distinctively crispy crunch. These treats are based on an authentic Swedish home-style recipe, lightly seasoned and baked to perfection on a small scale, providing your taste buds with a healthy and authentic taste of home cooking. You can eat them with any soup or salad for a wholesome, hearty affair or simply enjoy them in the morning with fresh sliced avocado or any of your favorite toppings.

Contains nutritious seeds:

  • Sunflower seeds – Packed with good fats and a rich source of vitamin B, vitamin E, and proteins.
  • Pumpkin kernels – Rich in OMEGA-3 fatty acids, minerals such as magnesium, zinc and vitamin E.
  • Flaxseeds – A rich source of fiber and packed with OMEGA-3 fatty acids.
  • Sesame seeds – Contains a good source of OMEGA-6 fatty acids, calcium, and iron.

A crispy bread for the carb conscious!

  • 25% protein
  • 13% fiber
  • 5g carbs/pcs.
  • Gluten free
  • No added sugar

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Sunflower seeds, SESAME seeds, CHEESE, flaxseeds, pumpkin kernels, ALMOND flour, apple-fiber, sunflower oil, sea salt.

Nutritional value per 100g per Portion (50g)
Energy 604 Kcal 338 Kcal
Fats 52g 26g
Carbohydrates 11g 5g
of which sugars 1g 0,5g
Dietary Fiber 13g 5g
Protein 25g 13g


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