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Lovima contraceptive pill

28, 84


Lovima 75 Microgram Film-Coated Tablets. Daily contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy


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Lovima is a contraceptive pill taken daily to prevent pregnancy.

Lovima contains a synthetic form of progesterone, called desogestrel and is, therefore, known as a progestogen-only pill (POP) or the “mini-pill”. Desogestrel pills give women more flexibility as it provides effective protection against pregnancy even if taken up to 12 hours late. Mini pills are 99% effective when taken perfectly, and around 91% effective with typical use.**

Lovima is a good option for women who can’t take the combined pill.

Is Lovima safe to take?

Lovima has proven to be an effective and safe contraception. This is why it’s become one of the first contraceptive pills adult women can buy through pharmacies without the need for a prescription.

We’ll make sure the Lovima pill is safe for you to take. Simply answer a set of questions online when ordering and our pharmacist will review these to make sure Lovima is the right pill for you. A pharmacist may then get in touch with you to make sure you know how to take the pill safely and let you know of any possible side effects.

Lovima is available both online and in-store. You must be over 18 to buy Lovima. If you’re under 18, please visit your local pharmacy, GP or family planning clinic to find out which contraceptive options are available to you.

How Lovima works

Lovima contains desogestrel, and works in the following ways to prevent pregnancy:

  • Prevents ovulation by stopping the egg from being released
  • Thickens your cervical mucus which makes it difficult for sperm to reach an egg (if one has been released)

Features of Lovima 75 microgram film-coated tablets

  • Effective protection against pregnancy
  • No need for a prescription
  • Progestogen-only pill
  • No pill free break in-between packs

*Lovima® 75 microgram film-coated tablets Summary of Product Characteristics 2020. 2. Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare. FSRH Clinical Guideline: Progestogen-only Pills (March 2015, Amended April 2019) – Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare [Internet]. 2019 [cited 3 March 2019]. Available from:

**Perfect use is defined by FPA as using the method correctly every time; typical use is when the method is not always followed correctly.

Additional information

Pack Size

28, 84

Uses / Instructions

  • Each strip of Lovima contains 28 tablets (4 weeks supply) which should be taken consecutively without a break in between each pack.
  • Take one pill per day with a glass of water, at the same time each day.
  • Each pill is marked with a corresponding day of the week – it is important that you take the correct pill on the correct day.
  • If you are starting Lovima as your first hormonal contraceptive, wait for your period to begin and take your first pill on the first day of your period.
  • If you start taking Lovima at a different point in your cycle, you will need to use an extra method of contraception (e.g. a condom) for the first 7 days.
  • If you are changing to Lovima from a different method of hormonal contraceptive, refer to the patient information leaflet or ask your pharmacist for advice.


Lovima should be a safe contraceptive pill for most women, however, you must not take this medicine if you have:

  • An allergy to desogestrel, peanut, soya, or any of the other ingredients

  • Thrombosis (the formulation of a blood clot in a blood vessel, which may lead to obstruction of this blood vessel and cause deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, heart attack or stroke)

  • Jaundice (yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes) or severe liver disease. You shouldn’t take this medication if you have experienced these conditions in the past, or if you currently experience them.

  • Cancer or suspected cancer that grows under the influence of certain hormones (progestagens), such as certain types of breast cancer.

  • Any unexplained vaginal bleeding


You should speak to your doctor or our Pharmacist before taking Lovima if:


  • You are taking any medicines or herbal remedies, including those obtained without a prescription

  • You have ever had breast cancer

  • You have liver cancer or any other liver problems

  • You have ever had a thrombosis

  • You have diabetes

  • You suffer from epilepsy

  • You suffer from tuberculosis

  • You have high blood pressure

  • You have or have ever had chloasma (yellowish-brown pigmentation patches on your skin, particularly on the face)

Side Effects

As with all medicines, there is a possibility that you may experience side effects when taking Lovima. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience any symptoms of:

  • Serious allergic reaction (swollen face, difficulty swallowing, hives, or difficulty breathing)

  • Ectopic pregnancy. This is where a baby develops somewhere outside of the womb and can be indicated by sudden, severe pain in the lower abdomen.

  • Thrombosis, which can be characterised by severe pain or swelling in either of your legs, unexplained pains in the chest, breathlessness, an unusual cough, or coughing up blood

  • Liver problems, symptoms of which include sudden, severe stomach ache and yellowing of the skin, the whites of the eyes, or dark urine.


You should also contact a doctor as soon as possible if you experience any heavy or unusual vaginal bleeding or any signs that you may be pregnant.


Common side effects may include: 

  • Mood changes

  • Depressed mood

  • Low libido

  • Headache

  • Nausea

  • Acne

  • Breast pain

  • Irregular or no periods

  • Weight increase


The active ingredient is 75mcg of desogestrel. For a full list of ingredients please see tha patient information leaflet of the pack you receive.


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