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Kwells Kids (Pack of 12)


Kwells Kids is for the prevention and relief of travel sickness. These tablets are specially formulated to help children travel easier and make more comfortable, avoiding nausea and an imbalance of your inner ear.

Information Leaflet


Kwells Kids Tablets for Travel Sickness 

Kwells kids tablets melt in the mouth and provide fast prevention and relief of travel sickness. These are ideal for children aged 4 years old or older but dosage differs depending on their age.

How do Kwells Kids travel sickness tablets work?

Travel sickness tablets, pills and medication works differently. It is understood that this is caused by the brain receiving conflicting information from the body’s senses.

Kwells kids Tablets uses hyoscine hydrobromide as an active ingredient. This temporarily reduces the effect of movement on the balance organs in your child’s inner ear and the nerves responsible for nausea. Kwells tablets work to quickly balance and settle sickness while travelling.

How old does my child need to be to use Kwells Kids tablets?

Can be used by children from 4 years old, please see pack for further info. Taken 30 minutes before the start of the journey or at the onset of nausea. Repeated six-hourly if required.

Will Kwells Kids make my child drowsy?

It is possible that your child may experience drowsiness and you should not leave your child unattended after taking Kwells tablets.


Uses / Instructions

Directions for the use of Kwells Kids:

  • Tablet can be taken up to 20-30 minutes before the start of the journey to prevent travel sickness occuring, or at the onset of nausea.
  • Over 10 years: 1-2 tablets every 6 hours if required. Not more than 3-6 tablets in 24 hours. 4 years upwards: half to 1 tablet every 6 hours if required. Not more than 1 and a half-3 tablets in 24 hours. Under 4 years: not recommended.


Kwells should not be given to patients with a known sensitivity to hyoscine hydrobromide or any other component of the product.

Should be used with caution in persons with Down’s Syndrome.

Caution is advisable in patients with diarrhoea.

Kwells should be used with caution in patients with fever.

The elderly and patients under medical care (in particular those at risk of urinary retention, or with heart conditions, digestive, liver or kidney disease, or suffering from central nervous system disorders such as seizures) should consult a doctor before taking this product.

Side Effects

  • May cause drowsiness in some children.
  • Children who have taken Kwell Kids Tablets should not be left unattended.
  • Dry mouth and blurred vision may occur.


Hyoscine hydrobromide 150 mcg per tablet. Also contains saccharin sodium and mannitol.


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