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Bob Martin Felight Cat Litter 10L



These items are centrally stocked and delivery times are up to 7 days to reduce carbon emissions and help keep our planet green.

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Antibacterial Silverfresh Technology
With minimal dust and its Antibacterial Silverfresh Technology, you have the added benefit of fast-acting absorption and antibacterial properties keeping your lifter tray fresh for up to 10 days*
Unrivalled in quality. Felight has everything you and your furry friend expects from a Cat Litter – and more!

The Felight Promise
Our manufacturing process is second to none and we make sure every bag has the Felight seal of approval. Every super-absorbent granule goes through a careful process to ensure nothing but the best goes into every bag, controlling odours and keeping trays Felight Fresh for up to 10 days!*

The manufacturing process utilises remnants from the production of aerated concrete, so nothing ever goes to waste. Most Cat Litters are mined and extracted from the earth, but our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly as we avoid over exploitation of natural resources by re-purposing the aerated concrete remnants.
This unique manufacturing process is highly efficient as it requires very little energy and creates minimal pollution helping you to minimise your carbon pawprint all whilst keeping nasty odours at bay and helping the planet one bag of cat litter at a time.
Fast Acting Absorbency, Kitten Friendly, Always Fresh, Prevents Odours for Up to 10 Days, With Antibacterial Silver Fresh Technology, Lightweight Granules, Antibacterial Properties, Dust-Free

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Uses / Instructions

Preparation and Usage
How to Use:
– Fill your cat litter tray with Felight Cat Litter to a depth of approximately 5cm.
– Check the litter tray regularly and remove any solid waste with a Felight Cat Litter Scoop.
– Top up the tray with fresh litter.
– Completely empty the litter tray at least every 10 days or when needed or when needed, wash the tray with a mild detergent or other suitable product and re-fill once the tray has completely dried.

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Safety Warning:
Pregnant women, nursing mothers, small children and those with suppressed immune systems should avoid contact with soiled litter.
Never flush cat litter down the toilet, dispose of with normal household waste.
Do not compost or dig into the garden.

Side Effects

See packaging for details


A treated article containing the Biocidal active ingredient Reaction Mass of Titanium Dioxide and Silver Chloride


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