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Durex Thin Feel Condoms 6 per pack



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-Thin Design Condoms for Enhanced Feeling and Sensitivity: Increasing sensitivity between you and your partner, Thin Feel condoms can offer enhanced sensations due to it’s thin design, while maintaining the security and protection you’d expect from Durex.
– Regular Fit Condoms: Durex Thin Feel have a regular fit girth – nominal width 56mm – and are pre-lubed with silicone lube for a smoother experience.
– 6 Easy-On Condoms: A box of 6 transparent natural rubber latex condoms easy-on shaped with a teat-end to be easier to put on and provide a sleek fit and feel during sex.
– Discreet Delivery: Durex Condom boxes are always delivered in discreet packaging with no indication of the contents inside.
– durex Quality, from The World’s No 1 Condom Brand: With over 90 years of expertise manufacturing condoms, all Durex condoms are made from the finest quality raw materials and 100 percent electronically tested with 5 more quality tests carried out on every batch and are dermatologically tested too.

Durex Thin Feel are transparent, natural rubber latex condoms Easy-On shaped condoms with a teat-end to be easier to put on and provide a sleek fit, so you can feel free to relax and enjoy sex with the peace of mind that you’re protected. Durex Thin Feel have a Regular Fit – nominal width of 56mm – and are pre-lubed with silicone lube while maintaining the security and protection you’d expect from Durex. The way Durex make condoms means they smell better so there are no unpleasant distractions, you can just relax and enjoy.

Durex stands for real, feel-good, satisfying sex. And that’s why for over 90 years we’ve been trusted by millions of people everywhere, every day (and night).

Remember, no method of contraception works 100% against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted infections.

Please read the instructions, especially when using condoms for anal or oral sex. Always read the instructions. RB-M-93174 February 2022

Regular Fit, Thin for More Sensitivity, Durex Quality Assured

Additional information

Case Size


Uses / Instructions

Keep Cool

Preparation and Usage
Before you use this condom, check the expiry date on the condom wrapper. If the individual container is obviously damaged, throw that one away and use a new one from an undamaged package. Put a condom on before the penis touches the other person. This helps to prevent pregnancy and the possibility of catching sexually transmitted infections during vaginal, anal or oral sex.

1. Tear the wrapper open from the serrated edge. Be careful with the condom, it could get damaged by fingernails or sharp objects.
2. With the roll outside, squeeze the teat and place the condom on the tip of the erect penis.
3. Roll down to the base. If the condom doesn’t unroll, it may be on backwards, discard and use a new one. Stop and check if you feel the condom slipping off or too tight on the penis because this might lead to breakage. You should take the condom off soon after ejaculation. Hold the condom firmly at the base of the penis before pulling out.
4. Throw the foil and used condom into a bin. Don’t flush down the toilet.

Package Type

Recycling Information
Box – Recycle; Foil – Don’t Recycle

Other Information
Keep Cool


This condom is made of natural rubber latex. If you have a known allergy to latex, do not use this condom as this may cause allergic reactions including anaphylactic shock.
STOP USE: If you feel discomfort or irritation while using condoms.
Only use a condom once.
Reuse may increase risk of failure or infection.
Condoms may present a choking hazard.
Keep out of reach of children.
If you use the condom for oral sex first, you should use a new condom for any other type of sex that follows.
Only use lubricants recommended for use with condoms. Oil-based ones (petroleum jelly, baby oil and some pessaries) and some topical medicines that go on the penis or vagina can damage condoms.
For anal sex, use additional lubrication (do not use Durex Tingle) on the outside of the condom.

Side Effects


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