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Become a Seller

We welcome all Healthcare businesses to join us and become a seller on our platform. Our platform
is open to all pharmacies and healthcare businesses.

We are one convenient platform for all healthcare businesses to make it more convenient for the
public to access

Become a vendor on one of the most trusted websites.

Become a Customer

Anyone can become a customer and open an account to start buying, but alternatively they
can checkout as a guest. We advise all customers to open an account so they can keep a track
of all orders which they can access at any time. Due to Pharmaceutical legislation certain
items will be restricted to 1 pack per month per customer or per household and we have
systems in place to identify these and they will be automatically rejected. This is only for
certain restricted items only and this is the law which is out of our hands. As a customer you
will enjoy access to multi vendors and even vendors who may be local to you.

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