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Warts treatment 2in1 / Warts

  • Unique 2-In-1 wart and verruca treatment
  • Combines freeze & gel treatment
  • Effective wart treatment within five days
  • Easy to use
  • Clinically proven and effective
  • Winner 2018 Pharma Award For ‘best innovation’

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Price Original price was: £19.99.Current price is: £18.99.


Product details

  1. Excilor® 2-In-1 Wart & Verruca Treatment treats the wart both from the inside-out (freeze treatment) and from the outside-in (gel treatment).
  2. Excilor® 2-In-1 Wart & Verruca Treatment offers a highly effective and fast wart & verruca removal within 5 days.
  3. Both the thickened skin of the wart and its causative virus are removed and new healthy skin will appear.

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Pack of 1

Uses / Instructions

  • Apply the freeze on day 1, followed on day 2 by the gel treatment, twice daily for 4 days.
  • When used for the first time, treat only one wart or verruca before treating multiple warts or verrucas , to experience the effect on your skin. Start treating another wart or verruca only if you did not experience any side-effects (normally within 5 days). If there are multiple warts or verrucas close to one another (within 1 cm), wait until the skin has returned to normal before treating another wart or verruca (this can take up to 6 weeks).
  • If the wart or verruca does not disappear completely, the treatment can be repeated up to 3 times. Repeat the entire treatment cycle after a minimum of 4 days after a 1 week resting period.


  • For warts or verrucas located on hands and feet only.
  • Do not swallow or inhale the freezing agent, use only in well ventilated areas.
  • Only use in combination with the foams provided.
  • The foams are for single use only.
  • The freezing agent is flammable and may cause frostbite on healthy skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucosal membranes. In case the gel accidentally comes in contact with eyes or mucosal membranes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical assistance.
  • After use, there may be small residues of treatment gel left in the device, therefore, caution is recommended when closing and re-opening the device.

Side Effects

  • Complications are infrequent. It is extremely rare that a permanent mark or scar will occur. This could mostly be related to an abnormality such as healing disorders or infection. If so, please consult your general practitioner.
  • As with all freezing methods, the skin may turn white temporarily.
  • Application of the freezing agent may cause a stinging, itching, aching feeling during and after freezing that quickly decreases after the area thaws.
  • Overexposure to the freezing product could cause damage to the top layers of the skin, resulting in scars and/or may lead to nerve damage.


Freezing agent. TCA-Active™ (based on Trichioroacetic Acid), Carbopol, Aqua.


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